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Our Mission

Knowledge Matters Apparel is a clothing brand that embraces self-consciousness and knowledge to the youth. We are Powerful, Independent and Educated. 

Welcome to Knowledge Matters Apparel. My name is Keith Moss and I'm the founder of "Knowledge Matters Apparel." First off I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read this. All my life I been doubted. I always had the love for the game of basketball. Growing up basketball was a way for me to take my mind off of things. As I got older, The game changed rapidly. I'm blessed  to experience "Junior Varsity" Basketball. I have to give credit to Coach Marcus, Coach Romano and Coach C. Basketball showed me at a young age that sports is a business. I went to a catholic school, so there mentality was to make money to gain future students. My high school went into a transition of hiring a new coaching staff after my sophomore year. Once that happened , my whole basketball career changed. I was told my senior year "I'll never play a varsity game." My family was disappointed in the way the new coach conducted himself. For him to be a black role model in the school. He clearly told me "I'm trying to win a championship." The funny thing is , they made it to the championship and lost. He could of gave me a chance. The morale of the story is that "I'm more than a Athlete." My father introduced me to "Black History and Pan-Africanism." Realizing the hunger and greatness in my people. It just gave me the idea to start my own brand. Allowing others to see that "Black History" is important everyday. We are given a month that focuses on black excellence but it doesn't stop. Black History should be celebrated 365 days out of the year.  "Black History Month" was established in 1976 and "Negro History Week" was the first celebration of black history in 1926. Now being a black entrepreneur I run the game now. My goal is to unify with everyone. My brand speaks for itself. Most black businesses don't need funding, they just need us to buy from them. I'm currently pursuing my associate's and bachelor's in Information Technology. My future is bright and you can do it too. Never quit on your dreams. - CEO Keith Moss