Our mission is to educate, inspire, and empower individuals through fashion.  We are dedicated to promoting the importance of "Black History" and education in our communities. Our brand was created to address the lack of representation and knowledge of the contributions of black people in our society. We believe that through knowledge and understanding of our past, we can build a brighter future for generations to come.

We serve individuals who are committed to learning about "Black History" and culture of the black community. Our clothing serves as a statement of pride and solidarity, reminding us of the struggles, achievements, and resilience of our ancestors. We aim to create a platform for the youth to learn about "Black History" and to inspire them to embrace their identity, heritage, and potential.

At Knowledge Matters Apparel, we are committed to servicing our customers through our clothing, educational resources, and community engagement. Our clothing is designed with the aim of promoting black culture and to help spark conversations about the importance of "Black History." We also offer a wide range of resources that are designed to educate and empower our customers, including articles, videos, and educational programs.

Our brand's value lies in promoting the importance of knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of "Black History" and culture. We are dedicated to creating a movement that showcases the significance of "Black History" in our schools, communities, and the world. We aspire to break generational curses in health and finances by providing education that was not taught in schools. We strive to create a diverse community of all cultures, which serves as a home for individuals who want to be part of this movement.